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What is the difference between an alpaca and a llama?


There are many differences between llamas and alpacas.  The most visible difference is the size.  Llamas are 200lbs - 350lbs, where alpacas are much smaller ranging from 100lbs - 175lbs. Alpacas also have shorter ears, where llamas have longer, banana-shaped ears.  For more information click here


Why do you raise alpacas? 


There are several reasons for raising alpacas.  Some farms breed alpacas for their cria, baby alpacas.  Other farms raise alpacas for show.  Cordial Alpacas focuses on the various uses of alpaca fleece. The fiber can be spun into yarn to be knitted or crocheted into scarves, socks, sweaters, blankets, etc.  The fiber can also be felted to make various products.

What is felting?


Felting is a technique that binds individual fibers together, either by using water (wet felting) or a multi-pronged needle (needle felting).  Felted fibers can be designed and shaped into various items, such as shoe insoles, dryer balls, felted soap, and 3-D objects.

How do you process alpaca fleece?

Once the fiber is sheared from the alpacas each spring, there is a multiple step process to prep the fiber before it can be spun into yarn or felted. The first step is removing vegetable matter from the fleece and gently washing with water and shampoo. The next step is carding to organize the fibers so they are all in the same direction. This can be accomplished by running the fleece through a carding machine or brushing the fleece by hand. Once the fiber is cleaned and organized, it may be spun into yarn or felted.


Do you have any visit days to the farm?


Absolutely! We love having visitors.  We are available nights and weekends, but need a bit of advanced notice. Please contact us to arrange a visit! 

Our farm is also open to visitors during National Alpaca Farm Days the last weekend of September each year!


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